How it Work

First time visit  maybe confused what Coenocyte do? For all, Coenocyte not search engine for science news, article, journal or researh. All content (link) on Coenocyte curated by you (science community). If you find something big outside there, please share it on Coenocyte because many people need the information what you know.

Case study

There is 2 reader called “A” and “B”, the online source is the “X” and “Y”. Reader “A” read content from source “X” and reader “B” read on “Y”. Of course, reader “A” not see content on source “Y”. See diagram below for detail:

The simple step to contribute

  1. Create account with username and email (after register check mail box, Coenocyte send email activation).
  2. Click “Submit” on right top, will show popup with URL form.
  3. Copy the URL from site you read the content, paste it here.
  4. After that, if valid will show some detail from the URL. You can change it or keep as default.
  5. Now press “Submit Link”.
  6. Finish.

Give “Vote Up”

In Coenocyte you can see content from others contributor, if you like please give “Vote Up”. This will give rated for content and you can sort it by “Day”, “Week”, ect. So in the end all people (include you) can find the best science content for read.


After read full content from source link you can leave comment as questions, opinions, and other.